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A compilation of resources, with basic menu planning guidelines, a collection of recipes favored by leaders, strategies to protect bears from our food, and sample menus from past trips. Opinions differ as to best practice - read through the different approaches and take away the salient points to help you plan your own meals.

Gordon Peterson, long-time Knapsack leader, has produced a guide to basic menu planning that is required reading for all leaders. Finally presented on the web, and distributed in seven parts:

Part 1, Planning and Packaging
Part 2, Sample Menu
Part 3, Master Shopping List
Part 4, Repackaging by Weight
Part 5, Recipe Cards
Part 6, Final Comments

Carol MacFarlane has compiled recipes from other leaders, and the results are presented here.

Red Meat Dinners
Vegetarian Dinners
Chicken Dinners
Fish Dinners
Food Tips

Note carefully that menus and recipes described in Gordon Peterson's presentation specify ingredients as amounts per person. To determine proper amount to buy for a trip, multiply by the number of people to feed. Conversely, in the recipes compiled by Carol MacFarlane, the quantities provided are for a specific group size, usually 15. If you have a different group size, you must adjust those quantities or risk carrying too much or too little food.

Stephanie Wilson and Gordon Peterson share their ideas for packaging food to best accommodate bear-proof storage containers. See also Carol MacFarlane's Food Tips, above.

A collection of menus from past trips:
Bob Jordan, Beartooth Wyoming Menu
Alice Kulka, Lost Lakes '02 Menu
Andy Johnson, Mineral King '97 Menu
Carol MacFarlane, Yosemite '06 Menu MS Word format
Charles Hardy, Range of Inspiration '08 Menu MS Excel format
Charles Hardy, Range of Inspiration '08 Shopping MS Excel format
Charles Hardy, Range of Inspiration '08 Recipes MS Word format
Pam Chisum provides this link on Gluten-free foods, which may be important for anyone with gluten allergy:

I encourage leaders with new material, either recipes, sample menus, or discourses on food and menu planning to contact either Carol MacFarlane or myself, and we'll include your submissions here.